ICBC claim? Call us first!  Pay nothing! ICBC covers our services!

If you have been in an accident make sure you talk to us first!  We specialize in dealing with ICBC motor vehicle accident (MVA) cases.  Our services will all be covered by ICBC and we can help advocate for the funding of treatments from a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, home care services, and the right adaptive equipment based on functional needs.  We will ensure the best rehabilitation plan is in place for you.

Arukah Rehab Occupational Therapists also manages hospital discharge for clients after an accident such as home assessments for safety and accessibility, setting up home care supports, adaptive equipment needs such as a ramp to overcome stairs, wheelchairs, walkers, commode, and more!  Our Occupational Therapists will assess and ensure the proper adaptive equipment and environmental modifications for accessibility are in place to help safely assist functional needs after an accident.  We will also help you manage pain and restore or optimize your functional mobility through active rehabilitation exercises with our Kinesiologists in a nearby gym or at your home.

ICBC recognizes the value Occupational Therapists bring to the recovery process and Occupational Therapists commonly manage the entire motor vehicle accident rehabilitation case.  We will manage your entire case including the communication between your lawyer, ICBC adjuster, doctor and a multidisciplinary team of health professionals so you can focus on getting back to a normal lifestyle or gradual return to work program.  We offer mobile services and will come out to you!

CALL TODAY TO LEARN MORE!   778.378.2980




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