Arukah Name Meaning

Arukah means healing and restoration in Hebrew according to Strong’s Concordance, a index of every word in the Bible.  At Arukah Rehab, our goal is to restore lifestyle changes due to accidents, illness, and other causes by restoring function and wholeness of health.

The word Arukah, which means restore, fits perfectly with what we do which is to restore health and occupations.  The word occupations in Occupational Therapy refers to roles, jobs, leisure, day to day activities of daily life such as working, eating, sleeping, toileting, cooking and much more.  Our Occupational Therapists specialize in restoring or adapting lifestyle changes so you can return to life’s daily occupations.

Our Consultant Occupational Therapists assess functional mobility and recommend treatment plans such as active rehabilitation, adaptive equipment, environmental modifications and other rehabilitation treatments or solutions.

Our company’s core values are integrity with top quality service for our clients and partners.  We believe in going above and beyond in our quality of service with integrity which sets us apart.


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